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October 8, 2012
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My first vector of Vulpix, updated version, 4. by Flutterflyraptor My first vector of Vulpix, updated version, 4. by Flutterflyraptor
What's new in this version.

1. I've improved it's shading more!:D



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crtque- it is beautiful :D
Cute! Is this your favourite pokemon?
It is:)

It may not be powerful, like the other pokemon, but to me, it's really cute:)
Yeah. Quilava is my favourite pokemon just because it looks cool (though it's not to be messed with still ;)), and the majority of the pokemon I like are cute (at least to me), so I get where you're coming from. In fact Vulpix is one of my favourite pokemon as well. It's really cute!
Give me Vulpix instead of Arceus any day!! xD
(You should see all the Vulpixes in my PC box on SoulSilver. When I see one I say "Oh no I couldn't hurt it, or leave it out here on its own! *Throws :pokeball:*"
The reason that I really love Vulpix is because, I really love foxes:)

Pokemon for me is very strange, there is over 640 of them, and each time that I really love the cute ones, they always are weak compared the pokemon like Alakazam, Dragonite, Blaziken, Salamence, Charizard, Arceus, Garchomp, etc.

In the new pokemon games, Gamefreak really had made the fire type pokemon really weak compared to earlier gens, but I still really love Vulpix, Ninetails, Rapidash, and Quilava, I actually really do love Quilava, I know that he evolves into Typhlosion, but I myself, love him the way he is:)

I've played both black, and white, 1, and 2, but I really miss having your pokemon walk with you, I mean you can in Soul Silver, and Heart Gold, and in pokemon yellow, Pikachu follows you around.

I really hated that they removed that idea, I really thought it was AWESOME:)

Oh well, at least in pokemon black and white 2, you can make your own movie, starring your own pokemon, BUT I CAN ALREADY DO THAT ON MY COMPUTER!

You sound a hell of a lot like me. :)
As for the weak cute things problem, I have a solution!! There should be dodging attacks through use of a new stat called "nimbleness", "agility" or something of the like. It would give cute pokemon lovers like us a way to do well in battles. :D
Yes I miss walking with pokemon too, I still talk to my precious Littlequil every 2 steps on SoulSilver! :squee:
They did in the anime:)

Ash: Pikachu, dodge it, and use quick attack!

Why can't we tell our pokemon to dodge?

Turn base, honestly, they need to change that, have the pokemon in the battle move around, and for PETE SAKES, have the pokemon say their own names already!

It isn't that hard to do, have a voice acter, or actress, go in a sound booth, have them say their lines into the computer, create the folders for each voices, and save it.

I mean, if they can do the voices in the cartoon really well, then why, oh why, can't they use the voices from the show, they should've record the voice actors, while they recorded their voices.

Maybe they can't, maybe they didn't record any of the voices, and saved it to a file, maybe the Nintendo DS can't handle it, or maybe there is too many pokemon to voice?

What ever the reason is, it's sure is dumb:(

I also remember a friend that I've had four years ago, said that they should've had a pokemon game, that the player can travel around the different regions, I really don't know anymore:(
Yeah, travelling all regions would be cool, just for the sake of getting all your favourite pokemon. Voice acting I don't care, but dodging would completely revolutionise gameplay. Why is everyone complaining about the new generation? Because they're recycling the same stuff they did the last 4 generations. Why not crash through with a completely new method of winning battles and revive the whole series? It would be absolutely EPIC!! :squee:
If I start a gaming company, I am totally going to ask Nintendo about a deal to make this reality... :D
yu-kat Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awesome!it looks just like the vulpix in the anime!!:D
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